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Get up and running with a Governance360 QuickStart. 

In a free of charge call, typically lasting less than 45 minutes, we'll not only set you up for your first Meeting and get your documents into shape, we will create a 90 day, personalised, success plan to ensure you make the most of the platform and get the results you crave looking ahead.

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Book your Governance360 QuickStart

Please find a time that suits you and make an appointment with one of our experienced team members to get you set up and running for your first meeting using Governance360. 

What is QuickStart?

QuickStart is a one on one virtual call with one of our experienced team members. 

In the call we will, step by step, help you create:

  Your own personal account with Governance360

  Your Organisation framework and key document sections on the Platform

  The details for your first, trial, meeting on the platform and how to invite your Board members to take part.

  As well as answer any queries or concerns you might have before you get started.